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interactive site technologies

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Building an Internet solution on the right technology platforms is critical to long term success.  

If you designed the application for thousands of users, will it work if your business grows to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users?  How secure is the platform, and how quickly are new security vulnerabilities addressed?  In five years, will the technology be actively supported?  Historically, how easy has a platform been to upgrade as newer versions were released?

These are all important questions to consider, because once people use your solution, it becomes much more difficult and costly to change platforms.

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Page Content Standards

Websites created by Versadyne are designed to conform to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional Document Type Definition (DTD).  This standards compliance ensures that your website will render correctly on the maximum number of browsers - both current generation browsers and older web browsers.

In addition, we insert special CSS and JavaScript encoding for many versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox in order to support browser quirks.  Where appropriate, we can test websites against mobile browsers on Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Android and iPhone/iPad, to ensure optimal rendering, or create a specific mobile browser version of a web site or web application.

Data Platforms

Data Platform choice is key to the long term health and growth of an Internet Solution.  The data server platform must be secure, fast, readily scalable, and highly reliable.

The core data platforms used by Versadyne Systems are Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 and Microsoft SQL Server Azure.    Microsoft SQL Server provides speed, robustness, ease of enterprise-grade scalability, and top notch support.

Versadyne connects to SQL Server data using ADO.NET and Entity Framework.  For legacy or foreign data, we typically use ODBC connectors.

Server Interaction Technologies

In order to provide users with interactive and fluid applications using web browsers, Versadyne uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). 

Often, in complex solution, business intelligence is decoupled from the web application.  Sometimes, this occurs because a server function is consumed by multiple web applications, or perhaps between a web application and a traditional PC application.  To address this, Versadyne typically uses WCF and Web Services, with a preference towards SOAP and JSON for communication formats.

Software Development Platforms

Versadyne uses a variety of software development tools, as the needs for web solutions can be extremely diverse.

Most of Versadyne's solutions are built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, with our preferred language being C# 4.  Our platform of choice is .NET Framework 4, with web development using ASP.NET and Windows development using WPF (Windows Presentation Framework).

For specialized components on Web solutions, Versadyne will often use Silverlight and Adobe Flash and Flex.  We have completed significant commercialized products and components in Java, C++ and MASM as well.

Animation and Video Platforms

Versadyne's preferred primary method of animating content transitions and minor animations is jQuery, as this platform is supported by every major browser, both desktop and mobile.

Where appropriate, Versadyne will use Flash or Silverlight to integrate video or create high-impact animations that just aren't possible today using other mechanisms.  As with other industry leaders, Versadyne is moving towards HTML5; however, we are presently in a research and experimental stage with this new standard, as there are few tools and browser support is far from ubiquitous or consistent.

eBusiness Integration Platforms

Versadyne has developed a host of integration platforms to interface web, cloud, Windows, and mobile applications to ERP, payment processing, and small-business accounting systems.  Some of these include PeopleSoft, SAP (R/3 and Netweaver), Dynamics, Quickbooks, Paymentech, and Amazon EC2.